#WCW=We CAN Wednesday: We Can Fix Our Attitude

Life is hard.  All we are guaranteed is death and taxes.  It's a hard knock life.


These are things we say all the time.  We lament about our jobs, are impatient with our partners, un-enthused about our life as we trudge along with very little joy.  It is easy to do.  When the weather is bad, when the bills outnumber the income, when traffic makes us late, when stress becomes overwhelming...  

What happens when we absorb and perpetuate negative thoughts?  Negativity clouds and sullies everything around it.  It holds you down and holds you back.  Negativity repels good things and good people, and limits the trajectory of your life.  I know, because at one time negativity had a cloud over me.  Let me tell you a story:

Once there was a girl who was frustrated and rebellious.  For years she ambled through life, not really finding her real purpose or lasting joy.  She'd hitchhike with strangers, shoplift, and eat bagels out of the trash, never really trying to do better for herself, not feeling as though she deserved better.  Finally, after a series of events showed her the value in taking charge of her life, this girl got serious about her trajectory and started a business.  This girl now has a net worth of $250 Million and has built a fashion empire.  Her name is Sophia Amoruso*.  

Why did I use Sophia as an example?  Because she ate bagels out of the garbage.  When you think about the mindset that has to accompany that station in life, the way in which she has turned her life around is almost miraculous.  The key for Sophia is that she fixed her attitude.  She adjusted her thoughts, she began to see herself positively and started moving forward with purpose.   Sophia is no different than you or me;  it is when we let go of negative self-thought that we can fully embrace who we were made to be.  

So let's make a pact in this, the second month of 2016, that from here on out we will let go of negative thoughts and "stinking thinking".  Let's shake it off and move forward.  Deal?



* Amoruso, S. (2015). #Girlboss. New York: Portfolio/Penguin Paperback.