#WCW=We CAN Wednesday: It's A NEW YEAR Baby!!!

Current Situation: It is 5:43pm on January 2nd, 2019, I’m sitting at my kitchen counter after a day of running errands. There’s a pot of oxtails in a slow simmer on the stove (#tevCooks). Next to it is a quinoa/pigeon pea sauteed concoction that I’m not sure my hubby will like, but he’ll have to at least try because it’s too late to make anything else. I should have started this post a lot sooner, as in two days ago, but I kept putting it off. Now it is Wednesday evening, and I am just now sitting down to write something that should have been posted and circulating before 8:00am. But I am getting this done.

It’s a New Year, Baby! This is the first tevBlog #WCW post of 2019. It is not especially eloquent, not perfectly formatted, but there is a message that I want to share with my words tonight. Whatever it is that you are planning to do, hoping to do, “one day I’ll do it”, yadda, yadda, yadda… Just get it done! THAT is the energy that I’m on this year.

from IG  @tytryone

from IG @tytryone

A few days ago, I saw a meme (above) from Fashion Stylist Ty Hunter that said, “2016 changed me, 2017 broke me, 2018 open my eyes, 2019 I’m coming back”. Usually I read and keep scrolling, but this particular one so adequately summed up my experiences over the past few years that I had to save it.

Here’s my version:

In 2016 I was spinning my wheels in the mud, working at a job where I was over utilized but undervalued. I thought that if I worked harder, completed more projects, took on more work, that I would eventually be rewarded. I was educated, experienced, and willing to take on more for the team. Because that’s how it works, right? Well in late 2017, while thinking that I had worked hard enough, exceeded expectations, and finally earned the promotion I so desperately wanted, I was laid off from my job… I even wore a dress that day thinking that I was walking in to a handshake and a title change. Broken.

So in 2018, after an exhaustive job search, we made the decision that I would focus my energy on starting a business. I took the last half of the year to make connections, research, strategize, and figure out what exactly I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I know how badly I want to be a mother, and the desire to be able to create opportunities while having the ability to be my own boss. I’m blessed to have a husband that can carry the load during this time of transition, he’s truly my biggest cheerleader. It hasn’t been a simple decision, I wavered many times with insecurity and fear of the unknown. Much soul searching, prayer, and overall mindset changes have been made in 2018 to get me to where I am right now.

Where am I? Still sitting at my kitchen counter, it is now 8:47pm. We ate dinner, hubby actually really liked the quinoa, and Chris Hayes is discussing the government shut down on MSNBC. It is the second day of 2019, and though technically it is just another day, for me and you, it is the start of a new beginning. We have been hemming and hawing about life for so long, some of us are so stuck in fear that we have made ourselves afraid of the success that may possibly happen. We’ve run away from our own greatness, we sabotage our own dreams. I know I have.

Let’s agree to leave that last bit of self doubt in 2018. We don’t need it anymore. It doesn’t serve us, and now it’s just tired and stale. Just do it already. No more talking. Whatever it is, just go for it. Tonight, for me, it is to complete and share a #WCW blog post. Tomorrow it will be to finish filing for an LLC. The next day it will be to draft a description for my business page. One step in front of the other, large goals chopped into smaller ones, completed day by day until the overwhelming mountain is now behind us, and we are on to the next summit. Make sense?

It is now 9:10pm, Rachel Maddow is on now. Guess what? I finished my post! That wasn’t so bad, this post is not the worst, and best of all, it is done. Welcome to 2019 Friends! This will be the year WE GET IT DONE!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!