#WCW = We Can Wednesday: Staying Positive

This has been a rough year for many people around the world.  So many horrible events have occurred and there is so much tension, anger, frustration, and hate trying to smother all of us with negativity.  Sometimes, its hard to even keep up with the latest news stories without shedding a tear or wanting to scream.  Even in our daily lives, bad vibes follow us into our commutes causing road rage, strife in our workplaces, and disharmony within  our family dynamic.  How can we keep a positive outlook when we are up against so much?

This week I had lunch with a dear friend that I hadn't seen in almost two years.  This young woman has always been a bubbly slice of pure energy, ever since the day we met years ago, and she is still the same today.  As we sat, she was filling me in on all that had transpired in her life and career since we last saw each other.  Her story was one of trial and error, glow ups, let downs, setbacks, and direction changes.  It would seem like this would have been a depressing lunch, right? WRONG!!! WRONG!!! (insert Charlie Murphy's voice here).  As per her usual, my friend delivered her tale of seemingly frustrating circumstances with the sweetness, optimism, hilarity, and positivity of a basket full of puppies with a dozen heart-shaped balloons, being delivered by Oprah on free car giveaway day.  

What does this lunchtime chatfest have to do with We Can Wednesday? Everything.  So many times we feel like life is unfair, like it is overwhelming, like there is no hope.  In thinking about all that was going on with my friend, all of the work she had to do, and the enormity of the path that she has chosen, what was most amazing to me is that at the end of our lunch date, she took the time to pray for me.  Instead of looking inward and wallowing in self-centeredness, she still takes time to help her community and lend assistance to those in need.  She remains positive and hopeful, sharing outward, as much deserved blessings are coming her way. I left our meeting with a huge grin on my face, and I am so excited to see God continue to work exponentially in her life.

So this week, as it is now crossing over into Thursday morning, I have no Bible verses to share, just a real-life, real-time example of how much we can benefit by staying positive in the midst of our journey.  That seemingly normal girlfriend's lunch was truly a blessing to me, and a reminder that no matter what is going on, we still have life, we still have breath, and we still have the ability to spread love and light in all that we do.  

Stay Positive.  Be A Blessing.