Women Marched Today. Now What?

I have been watching/listening to the #WomensMarchOnWashington today, and although I have one eyebrow raised (why now, and where were all these women when Hillary needed them), I will say that this is the kick in the butt that Women, POCs, LGBTQs, Immigrants, and everyone else that is "Other" needed.  A lot of ya'll got too comfortable. So now, as we wait with baited breath as to what will happen with this new regime, we better start taking some real action.


Join the PTA, go to city council meetings, run for school board, engage your congressperson, host a fundraiser, support new voices in politics, or even get into politics your damn self. Get active. Do something.

Don't let this moment pass, your voting rights gone, your healthcare voided, your family deported, your sons and husbands hunted, your life expendable without doing all you can to fight for what is right for ALL People. There's no more excuses, no time for foolishness. This is a serious time. Pray for strength and protection, then get off your butt and do your part. This is on all of us.


✊🏾 Tevra.