#WCW=We CAN Wednesday: Stay on your square

Has your mood been ruined by someone else's bad attitude?  Here's how and why it is time for you to take control. 


Quick story: On our Monday night commute home, we got on our usual bus which was scheduled to leave in a few minutes. As everyone boarded and took their seats, two young women were searching their handbags for enough change for the fare.  After about a minute or so, they sat down, still looking for change.  A minute after that, the bus driver shouted back towards the women, telling them to hurry up and pay. Seconds later, the bus driver shot up and aggressively walked towards the two, demanding they pay or get off the bus. A shouting match ensued between the bus driver and the two young women in the back.      They find their cash and pay, but not without a few more words before the driver returned to his seat.  So now he is mad, with a bud full of passengers who just want to go home after a long day.  Still audibly upset, he quickly pulled the bus out of its parking space... so quickly that he ran our bus into the side of another waiting jitney.  After which the two women stormed up to the front of the bus demanding their money back, they told him to get a better job.  The bus driver hurled f-bombs at them in his frustration.  The police were called.  

So much for professionalism. 

Has anyone ever gotten you so upset in a moment that it completely ruins your day?   

Have you been drained by the negative energy of another, they're mad so now you're mad too?  

Don't let the emotions of others pull you out of your zone.  This day is a gift! Stay focused, knowing that although we empathize, we have our own journey to follow.  Had the bus driver kept his cool and not gotten so riled up, he could have likely avoided the accident.  A bad day at work doesn't have to cause a bad night at home. 

As we learn to  think about the big picture, we understand how energies can be transferred, and the bad vibes from one may cause bad vibes in another.  Be vigilant, stay prayed up, meditate if you have to. Surround yourself with good people whenever possible.  Take the time to stop and breathe.  Learn techniques and coping mechanisms, knowing that sometimes it is okay to remove yourself from a situation that proves taxing and stressful. 

Guard your mind and your heart, protect them.  Give thanks for strength and discernment. Don't give anyone the power to throw off your day.  You are the gatekeeper of your life. 

Stay focused and spread love.