tev Reading Room: Great Reads from 2015

Last year I made a vision board that, among all of the other goals, included my desire to read more books.  Don't get me wrong, I read all the time.... I read memos, emails, technical guides, textbooks (I'm a grad student), blog posts, tweets...; but I rarely get the time to read books purely for leisure.  My 2015 goal was not fully reached, however I was able to consume a few interesting reads last year:

1).  The Darkest Child: A Novel by Delores Phillips  This hauntingly raw novel tells the story of Tangy Mae, the dark-complected daughter of a controlling, abusive, color-struck mother in the segregated South.  Such a deep story, it conjures up every emotion imaginable.  Interesting read.

2).  I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life by Joel Osteen  I have a soft spot for mega-church pastor Joel Osteen. This book is a great morning devotional for everyday motivation. 

3).  Sundara's Favorite Color by Jody-Ann Buckle Powell  Full disclosure: the author of this book is my cousin!  I read this beautiful children's book out of support, but ended up taking in a must needed message of self love and acceptance.  This book makes a great gift for any child who is seeking their place in the world.

4).  You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero  This book was given to me by my husband during a period when I was doubting my abilities.  Jen Sincero's badass words of encouragement was the kick in the pants that I needed to shake off the self-doubt and get back on track.

5).  #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and haven't heard of #GIRLBOSS yet, you need to get serious and click on the link to get your copy.  Sophia Amoruso is a misfit, free-spirit who turned her path around when she started a vintage clothing shop on ebay.  Her little ebay shop is long gone, and Amoruso's multi-million dollar empire includes the online destination NastyGal.com.  #GIRLBOSS is an autobiography, coaching session, how-to manual, and girl power manifesto all in one.  This book deserves a second and third read!

I'm challenging myself to begin a new reading challenge this year.  Did you read any good books last year?  Tell us what we should pick up on our next visit to the book store or online book outlet.  

Did you read any of these? What are your thoughts?  

Happy Reading in 2016!!!

Love, tev