tev Reading Room: A Real 2016 Reading Challenge from POPSUGAR

For those of us who have already fallen off on our New Year's Resolutions, here is a reading challenge that will help get us back on track! 

Since 2015, one of my goals has been to actively read books that have nothing to do with my grad school courses or with my day job.  So far it has been slow going, and in 2016 my extra-curricular reading has essentially nose-dived off of a cliff.  In an effort to salvage the wreckage that has become my Reading Resolution, I went searching for a challenge that would be easy to complete, yet would introduce genres that I would not usually choose for myself.  

Enter POPSUGAR.  I was introduced to this brand in 2015 when my husband gifted me their monthly Must Have box subscription, which I thoroughly loved.  When I entered 2016 Reading Challenge, theirs was one of the first to be listed in the results.  This list of 40.. (yes 40) books run the gamut of possible topics, making this a diverse and interesting game of finding books that match each check box.  Though I may cheat and use one book to qualify for more than one box (don't judge); it is my goal to read as many of these as possible.  Who knows, I may also bend some of the rules to my liking... "A book set in Europe" may change to "A book set in the Caribbean"...  Just sayin'.

I have already started the challenge, so let's see where we are year-to-date:

  1.  A book that's under 150 pages = Be You & Live Civil by Karen Civil

  2.  A self improvement book = Year of YES: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes

  3.  A book of poetry = Poetic Rhythms of My Heart by Sabrina Brown (currently reading)

My 2016 tally - 2.5 books down, 37.5 books to go!  

This is a challenge that I will continue until we ring in 2017, but I don't want to do this alone.  Let's share ideas, exchange books, suggest authors and keep each other on track as we resolve to continue to read more in 2016! Thanks POPSUGAR!

What are you reading?  Love, Tev