Baby girl's likes inspire business venture: Nola Rose Boutique

Mommy and businesswoman Shanika Washington saw an opportunity after receiving compliments on her baby girl's adorable wardrobe. Here she shares her inspiration and advice to others with a good business idea! 

Now that her baby is a big girl, Shanika decided to share her daughter's flair for the dramatic and adorable with the world!  Nola Rose Boutique was founded to highlight the beauty of little girls while providing age-appropriate garments for the cost conscious family.  Though  the road to business success hasn't been easy, creating Nola Rose Boutique has been a liberating experience for this busy mom.

Nola Rose Boutique

Nola Rose Boutique

Nola Rose Boutique offers affordable and unique clothing for the perfectly pampered princess.   Through social media, shoppers are able to browse the latest in kiddie couture.  Each week brings new items that can be ordered through Nola Rose Boutique Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Before starting this venture, Shanika researched the industry, making sure that her idea could develop into a full fledged business.  Her advice to others looking to take a similar leap of faith:

Pray and watch for “that thing” that comes naturally to you... The thing you would do for free. Once you’ve got it, become knowledgeable in every aspect on how to market and build upon it. Stop worrying about if others are already doing it because if the vision is truly God-given; it can’t fail. Stop worrying about what others will think-in fact, tell no one until you are ready to launch. Stop worrying about failing; you’ll never know if you don’t try. Eliminate excuses, develop a plan, execute the plan.
— Shanika Washington, Owner-Nola Rose Boutique

Cheers to new business ventures and the courage to step out on faith!  To shop the Nola Rose Boutique, or for more information about how to order, click the links below:

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