How to start a blog...

Naomi Campbell in Vogue Italia, 2015

Naomi Campbell in Vogue Italia, 2015

...while both scared and a tad bit lazy.  Yes, lazy.  We'll get to that later.  Here I am in my fabulously fatigued state (channeling my inner Naomi).... but luxuriating on the couch will never get this blog off the ground.  So let's get to it.

This is my first official blog post for tev, and I want to start it off by sharing how I got to this point.  Maybe some of my realizations and tips will encourage you to join me in this adventure!

1. Decide that you want to say something.  

For many years, even now, I have felt like I have so many ideas bottled inside that I want to share.  Being a blogger doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be an expert on any one topic.  Some of the best blogs are by people who have created a platform to share their interests and ideas.  Anyone who knows me understands that I am the classic "jack-of-all-trades, master of nothing..." (sigh).  However, it may be that my scattered thoughts will finally work in my favor.  Don't be afraid to have diverse topics and features, I plan to!

2. Set a Goal, Set a Deadline

Trust me, I've set several deadlines for the launch of this blog... the latest being last Friday.  Oh well.  But as stated by Napoleon Hill, "A goal is a dream with a deadline."  Set a goal date and work towards it!

3. Research other blogs, social media and traditional media platforms.

Do your Googles... look for blogs that interest you (and those that don't) to learn more about blogging.  Checking out the marketplace is a good way to determine whether blogging is right for you. I've also learned a lot from reading magazines, listening to podcasts, and just keeping abreast of trends in social media.  I will do a blog love post in the future, but some of the blogs that have have inspired me are, Elle & Company,, Fashion Bomb Daily and many others.  

4. Create your site.

For this blog, I have opted to use the Squarespace platform. first appealed to me through their television commercials, namely their Superbowl ads.  Then later, my favorite podcasts would also sing their praises.  So far, I am happy with the set up and design process.  I'm learning more every day.  In previous blogging attempts, and were other platforms that I tried, which were both easy to use.  Bottom line, there are several blogging platforms that you can use, do your homework to find what is best for you. 

5. Brainstorm and develop your ideas.

I have been using the Notes app on my iphone as my ever-growing idea database.  My mind generates a million thoughts simultaneously at times, and as soon as I come up with a bright idea, I lose it minutes later when something else pops up.  I may need to seek help for that, but for now, listing ideas as they come is the best solution for me.  Blog posts can come from literally anywhere... what you cooked for dinner, what you wore today (#OOTD), or your thoughts on the economic collapse of Greece.  Some posts take a lot of time and research, whereas others just come from your gut.  Regardless of the time commitment, a good blog post will attract and engage the reader.  Just think of it this way - would you read your blog?

6. Write, edit, then write some more.

There are so many different methods to blogging.  Some bloggers recommend posting on a regular schedule, some encourage posting as the need arises.  I've been stockpiling ideas for months, not sure when the posts will be published. If the goal is to share our thoughts, it is important to actually share them!  Think through your topic, find your voice, and write, edit, then write some more!   

7. Proofread, edit, then PUBLISH!!!

I'm no English teacher, far from it actually.  I think I use wayyy too many commas in most of my sentences.  Be that as is may, I do know the difference between there, their and their.  Proofreads and edits are always helpful.  Though you may not always have it right (not write), grammar, spelling and punctuation still go a long way.  

Once you are comfortable with your post, publish that ish!!!  Set it free! Invite your friends to view it, spread the word about it, or just let it float out into the interwebs, picking up readers along the way.  It's totally up to you, you're the captain now.

8.  Now you are a Blogger.  Keep it going!  You can do it!

I am really motivating myself here, but feel free to be encouraged as well.  Blogging can be an eye-opening journey into discovery, growth and exploration of self and the world around you, around us.  This endeavor is not about comparison or competition, it is about unfolding new aspects of life that are worth investigating.  Let's see what we can accomplish and what we can share along this journey.  Who's with me?!

Let's go!!!!