Adventures in Grouponing: Sip & Paint at the Artistic Giraffe

On a budget? Want to have affordable fun with your Loved One?  Date night can be as simple as opening an app!  Adventures in Grouponing* is just a quick share of the good times that can be had on a dime.   

Sip & Paint @ Artistic Giraffe - Aug 2015

Sip & Paint @ Artistic Giraffe - Aug 2015

DEAL:  The Artistic Giraffe – 2.5 Hour BYOB Painting Party for 2

The Artistic Giraffe is a “Paint & Sip” art school located in Hackensack, NJ.  On a late summer evening, hubby and I put this coupon to use, as I wanted to flex my inner Artiste’.  He had never been to such a place, so this was a new adventure for both of us.  The school is housed in a cute main street storefront, its walls lined with art by other aspiring Van Goghs and Kehinde Wileys.  We chose our inspirations from a stack of photos; hubby chose a happy, minimal design.  I, on the other hand, chose a design that was probably overambitious for the time allotted.  Shoot for the moon, I say!

So here is where I went wrong.  The class is clearly states that participants can “BYOB”, bring our own bottle.  I overthought the events of our day, and left the bottle at home.  A minor misstep, as we still had a good time without libations.  The capacity class of fellow painters had so much energy, we didn’t really miss the bubbly after all.  However, my suggestion for those going to a “Paint & Sip”, make sure you bring something to sip to get the full experience. 

The best part for me was seeing our masterpieces come to life.  We actually did a good job!  My hubby’s mix of colors were fantastic on his canvas, his painting now hangs in our living room.  The camaraderie within the class was also great, other “artists” congratulating each other on their work and mingling at the end of the session.  The instructor and staff were encouraging and helpful throughout the session as well.  This was a cost effective way to have an entertaining date night that allowed us to use aspects of our creativity that probably haven’t been utilized since childhood. 

Another win for couponing!!!! Can't wait for the next deal!!

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