Manners 101: I paid to hear the show, not your loud mouth

I don't want to go all Kanye about this...  But I have a question:

Where have all our manners gone?

Last Friday*, my husband and I attended the Joel Osteen Night of Hope at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY.  I will discuss this wonderful event in later posts, but basically all (or most) of the people in attendance were there to hear a word of encouragement and hope.  Most people were there to join in the praise and worship songs.  Most people paid their money to listen to the service.

Most people, but NOT the women in the row behind us. 

They must have had this faith-based event confused with an NBA game or a Keyshia Cole concert, and acted accordingly, even during moments of prayer.   

Listen…  I’m not the manners police by any means.   I too, have my moments where I am rough around the edges.  HOWEVER, I will never understand why it is okay for people to disregard others and just do whatever they want, whenever they want.  These women talked, and talked, and talked, disrupting everyone sitting in their area.  What if someone was fighting depression and needed encouragement?  What if someone was sick and needed a prayer for healing?  What if someone just really likes Joel Osteen and wanted to hear what he had to say?????? 

My point is this - too often we operate in our own bubble, not concerned with how our actions, though seemingly insignificant, may affect others around us.  I’m guilty of it, we all are!

Sometimes I, _____________ (insert your name here):

a)  Talk too loud on my cell phone in public

b)  Walk through a door without holding it open for the person behind me

c)  Texting while walking, not paying attention to others walking around me

d)  Use my cellphone during a movie in a dark theater

e)    All of the above (frown face emoji).  *sheepishly raises hand*

In light of our occasional  lapses of civility, Manners 101 is an ongoing series that will hopefully remind us to "keep it classy" and just be more considerate of everyone around us.  We are all on a mission and a journey, we're just trying to get things done.  However, when we choose to be rude or indifferent to others, we may affect them in the short term, but the damage we do to ourselves is far greater.  

So then, in everything treat others the same way you want them to treat you...
— Matthew 7:12 (AMP)

I'll never know what happened to that group of women at the Osteen event.  They finished their nachos and left in the middle of the pastoral message.   After the Night of Hope, I really hope that they received what they needed to, and heard what God wanted them to hear.  No matter what, their actions inspired a series that may help us (or at least me) remember to care a little more.  

Let's do better in our daily walk to empathize and show respect for others who are also on their journey. #SpreadLove

*Late Post - I went on vacation before publishing this post.Joel Osteen's Night of Hope was on 10/16/2015.